Look What I Can Do!

In the course of setting up this website, I discovered several of our classmates have been harboring some amazing talents.

Check out what Brian Dean and his wife Gail are making: www.the-five-elements.com 

 Somehow I see the two of them reenacitng the pottery wheel scene from 'Ghost' starring Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore.

Ann Ragan Tudor has been busy launching her own line of hand-blown glass objects.  Working out of her home on 16th Street in Speedway, Ann is producing some very stunning and detailed pieces.  Check out her wares at: www.anntudor.com


Do you have a hobby/talent/skill that you'd like to promote and share with the class?  If so, please email Thom Cook, Webmaster, at: cook_thom@hotmail.com