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Yes! Attending Reunion
Residing In Prosper, TX USA
Spouse/Partner Rachel "Gail" Dean
Occupation Oil & Gas Business Development & Finance
Children Brad (stepson), born 1981

Attended Purdue University, graduated with BSEE in 1983. Have been in Dallas, TX area since January 1984. Married to my wife Gail in 1994 and still happily married. Spent 17 years in high-tech marketing and product management positions with last few corporate job at VP level positions. Got out of the corporate rat race in 2001 and started working for myself. Spent a few years running my own web design and marketing consulting business. In 2005 started an Investor Relations company and which I built into a $1M+ business within 5 or 5 years. Government regulations put the kabosh on my IR business in 2012 and have since that time been working as an independent oil and gas consultant doing business development work for a few oil & gas companies as well as facilitating oil & gas production financing and assisting companies with M&A&D (Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestitures) work. Have also helped a few oil & gas companies go public and assisted with their investor relations and marketing work.

My stepson Brad is married to wife Chesanie and they have two boys Lawrence and Chris ages 10 and 11 now.

School Story

Basketball Sectionals 1977, much snow on ground and bitter cold. Mark Hartman (my personal corrupter) and I skipped the last quarter of game and downed a 5th of Jack Daniels in back of Joe Kramer's (future Speedway policeman) car. After game he drove us to Shakey's Pizza. In bathroom some other guys in our class were doing shots of cherry vodka so "What the Hell" we had a few. Then went to a Senior Party at International Village Club house where they had Green Grain Alcohol punch. We looked at each other and "What the Hell" we had a few glasses. A little while later I passed out in the only bathroom in the clubhouse. Woke up to threatening shouts of Senior Football Players. When I opened the door Tommy Dunn and Tim Neiman's older brother I think picked me up carried me to the door and threw me head first into a snow bank where I proceeded to puke my guts out right beside the door. Pretty cool thing to do as a Sophmore at a Senior party. I think I was up for the coolest classmate award after that "NOT!!!" Mark Hartman found me standing in that snow bank, no coat, wet up to my knees, in temperatures that were probably single digit temps. Our coats were upstairs at the club out in a mountain of coats. 20 minutes later he came back out with our coats and and we walked home which wasn't far off of 30th St. He got me to my driveway but because he was my corrupter he didn't take me to my door and see that I got in the house OK. As it happened I was too drunk to get my key in the door. So I decided just to lay down and sleep for a while. Not sure how much later my parents come home, find their kid laying between the door and screen door with his wet and freezing feet sticking out. Next thing I remember is my mom screaming at my dad, "Roger, Roger, He's Dead! He's Dead!" Talk about a scream to sober you up quickly. I ended up having bad frost bite on my feet and was grounded for many months after that! Still have less than perfect circulation in my feet to this day. My parents were not even supposed to go out that evening so pretty lucky they did or could have been a lot worse. Might be in the "In Memory" section freezing to death perhaps. Anyway, another "Preacher's Kid" SHS story by yours truely!

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